North Wales Flat Roof Warning

Check builders references for your project before starting

It is unfortunately true there are some bad builders out there; sometimes well-intentioned but unskilled and inexperienced. Even if the guy who gives a low price quote is friendly and maybe you even know him, it is always best to ask for references and some testimonial evidence of their experience in your area and of the type of work you need doing.

In this example the home owner needed a new flat roof which was then constructed and the room below was re-decorated but after a short while during the rain of the past few months the ceiling started to leak and we at Kelvin Griffiths and Son were asked to repair the roof so let’s look at what went wrong.

North Wales Flat Roof Replacement

The main problems are simply to do with poor materials and poor workmanship. The roof boarding used was old little pieces patterned together like crazy paving laid with ridges between pieces so in time the roof felt would crack at the gaps and bad joints but of course the roof did not last long enough to crack. The felt was not a roof grade bitumen weatherproof cover; it was like a low grade pond liner. The reason why this flat roof failed so fast was largely due to the poor weatherproofing. In the case of the bad roof the pond liner was laid over the boarding and tacked down. A small amount of black adhesive was applied to the wall as can be seen and obviously rain running down the wall simply ran under the liner and through the roof bringing down plasterboard in the process.

Kelvin Griffiths and Son replace North Wales Flat RoofIn the photos you can see how we rebuilt the flat roof and channelled out the brickwork pointing in order to set a lead liner into the wall and guide rain water over the high spec roofing felt. The roof felt that we use is made to ISIO9001:2000 for the long term (15 years) by people making it it for a long time; see the roof felt is a laminate that is hot melt applied so the felt is bonded to the roof boards that and sealed in the process and overlapped for weatherproofing long term in addition to being weatherproof sealed by lead flashing.

We at Kelvin Griffiths and Son have built and urgently repaired many North Wales flat roofs in more than 30 years as North Wales Builders. The implications from a poor job are awful; there is the cost and inconvenience of maybe an insurance claim, risk of injury and to health and the stress. In this case we are able to quickly recover and significantly improve the building in what is a comparatively small bad example so please do contact us for a quote when you need any roofing or building works and see our case study examples and references on this website then ask Kelvin to explain how his team will skilfully address your North wales building project.

Buyer Beware
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