Golf Club Flat Roof

Structural improvement built to last

The pitch of this flat roof is important on the 19th hole as a pitch shot on the green for a golf club member. This flat roof is a large area with a long gully that we lead lined as part of the weatherproofing in the exposed links course. The flat roof joists, drop and joinery work is more complicated than usual because the span is narrower than the pitch drop length draining rain water to the lead valley but well within our experience as North Wales quality roofers and builders.

North Wales Golf Club flat roof with fast water lead valleyWe apply hot melt long life weatherproof roofing felt to the sealed and but fitted external grade roof boarding, applied flat to the draining pitch angle.

Where an existing flat roof is to be replaced this can usually be undertaken without the need for new design drawings, planning permission or involving building regulations but if there is any doubt it is just as well to check. Where a new flat roof is built to replace an old roof the probability is that the new materials and procedures followed by Kelvin Griffiths and son will be superior to the methods and materials applied when the roof was originally built probably 20 or 30 years ago.

Across North Wales we undertake new flat roofs as well as refurbishment and urgent repairs to flat roofs so please do contact us and if you have any doubts about of quote ask for references and testimonials and let us explain the quote, in a recent case we were £60 more expensive than another quote and a few weeks later we were asked to remove the faulty flat roof as you can see here.

Club Roof
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