Rendering Dormer Window Structure

Weatherproof Construction andĀ Improved Property

The dormer extension in St Asaph Avenue, Kinmel Bay, North Wales, is ready to have the dormer windows rendered weatherproof. The timber framework has been constructed, UPVC widows are fitted and the pitched and flat roof areas have been built with insulation between the external and internal surfaces and breathing membranes installed under tiles and ready for render.

Dormer Bulgalow being rendered weatherproof

Prior to render we attach galvanised mesh to anchor the rendering so the final external laminate attached to the timber stud work comprises resin timber sheets, breathing water proof membrane and weatherproof render; all in accordance with approved plans and building regulations.

Once the surface is rendered it will be sealed with external weatherproof paint to the owners colour choice. The photos show membrane and support mesh prior to render and the rendered structure with temporary protective covers preventing staining before the render fully dries out.

Dormer Bungalow Progress