Kinmel Bay Dormer Roof Bungalow

Extending an existing property adds value and space

Today more people are investing in their existing property, as North Wales builders we find many coastal bungalow owners building up to add a dormer room or loft conversion. In this current example of a North Wales Roofing project that we are building the owner is adding living space into the roof and making ground floor changes in a single project.

dormer bungalow extension Kinmel Bay North Wales

If you plan to add a dormer bedroom into the loft and then maybe combine two rooms downstairs into one larger room while adding a staircase it is clearly best to do this as a single project; builders can make just as much mess on a small project as a large one and by combining the work there is just the one disturbance and there are economies in the one set of plans, one set of local authority approvals and aspects like plumbing, electrical, insulation, glazing and joinery are single projects that we phase together in a fast and seamless quality project.

We have a banner with our web address, and this does help us to attract future business, it lets people know we are keen to deliver a quality building project that you will be pleased with but if you don’t want us to put our banner on the scaffolding that’s really no problem.

We will run a future blog post on this project as it moves forward in February 2013, with more good dry weather we will soon have the shell sealed and can concentrate on the inside.

Dormer Roof Bungalow