North Wales Bungalow Extension

Counter Batten Roof and Insulation for Loft Conversion

We have constructed many dormer windows over the years as part of our North Wales Loft Conversions but here we are trying to capture some relevant details to explain how we work and what we do so people who may be less familiar with property development and home improvement can see some typical examples of our North Wales building work.

North Wales Dormer Bungalow Loft ConversionThe dormer extension in Kinmel Bay has moved on with some dry weather and here we see inside and outside the dormer windows and roof structure.

Internally we fit substantial insulation between the stud walls and into the roof space, there is Extratherm rigid foil covered thermal insulation blocks in the roof space leaving an air circulation gap between the insulation and breathing liner.

To the walls and roof we have fibre insulation covered by multi-layer reflective thermal blanket which will be retained under plaster board.

We all know what it’s like to have a room in the loft that’s too hot in the summer and freezing in the winter – well by applying modern building materials you can have a dormer room that is comfortable all year round.

These internal walls and ceilings will next be fitted out with the UPVC windows; plaster board and 2nd fit electrical and plumbing before the plaster board is skimmed and finish plastered ready for electrical and plumbing fittings, casements and doors etc.

Externally we are counter battening the pitched roof and fitting a long life waterproof breathable membrane under the battens.

Dormer Window Build