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Long life and reliable North Wales flat roofing can be applied to various buildings including log cabins as in this example from Kelvin Griffiths and Son; North Wales Builders and flat roofing contractors.

North Wales Flat roofing specialistsThe existing roof had a strong tongue and grooved roof structure but with only shed quality felt but the cabin is of high quality, mounted on a reinforced concrete raft with decking as well as power and water supply, with waste connection.

AsĀ North Wales flat roofing specialists we applied durable boarding over the existing felt structure which was sound but vulnerable to the weather.

Over the structural flat roof boarding the North Wales roofing contractors applied molten pitch as a sealant and bonding agent for quality roofing felt with mineral top coat.

The photos show the cabin being prepared, the new roof boards and stages in the sealing and laminated roof felt installation which included provision for an existing wood burner chimney. An intial molten pitch seal is covered by a first layer roofing felt then this surface is again covered by lolten pitch and the quality top layer of laminated flet and mineral surface.

Quaklity roof felt is wrapped around side and end panels to guide rain water to guttering that sits close under the felt roof egde so capturing all rain water and flowing this to water buts in this case.

The resulting rooof s a long life reliable construction due to last some 20 years. These methods are also applied to flat roof structires on buildings of various types so contact Kelvin Griffiths and Son to examine your roof and offer a competitive high quality long like flat roof for your North Wales roofing project.

Flat roof cabin
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