Sandy Cove Property

Building Flood Resilience

This property is being refurbished by Kelvin Griffiths as a private venture to explore what can be done to live as safe as possible in a flood risk environment. The original property was flooded in 2014, a number of properties in this area experience repeat flooding resulting in low house values and personal stress yet the location is stunning so close to the sea and a mild climate despite occasional storm surges so if a property can be made flood resilient and safe a great home can be the result.

  • Old property at flood risk in Sandy Cove

Measures being taken to achieve a high standard of flood resilience include externally building a wall and fitting flood gates as well as non-return valve to the sewer outlet preventing back-flow of flood water into the property. Internally the resilience measures include removing the wooden floor and replacing this with a solid floor raised 1 metre and adding an upper floor which will provide additional living accommodation and safe refuge in an emergency. Ground floor services will be raised to avoid flood damage if flooding did enter the home.

Flood Resistance