St Asaph Flood Repairs

An unplanned building project for the home owners

The flooded home in St Asaph has had all content removed; most went in waste skips including the laminated floors and built in ground floor furniture including kitchen units.

The homeowners have moved into temporary accommodation and we have been running dryers continuously since the flood so now can get on with the repair work.

We are among the first to start repair work after the St asaph floodKelvin Griffiths and Son responding to the emergency in St Asaph

There is a surveyors report to quote against as standard procedure, the local authority and insurance companies compile an outline repair specification which is broadly applied in each building case with certain variations if for example the property has a solid or wooden floor there are different actions, in this case the floors are all solid.

In this home with flood water less than 1 metre high the outline specification is to remove 1.5 metre of plaster from the internal walls, remove all wood work and fittings. Some re-wiring will be required and all the downstairs central heating and fire have been scrapped in line with the specification. The flood has to an extent been contaminated by sewage so we can take no chances.

We have drilled ready for dehumidifiers of a type that extract water from the block work, we will then apply a silicone damp proof direct to all brick and block work. There are still skips to be emptied and there is a fairly constant and reassuring police presence on the estate where most properties are empty while residents are in alternative accommodation, we hear that some will return soon to live in caravans on site and while this gives them the opportunity to be close to the reconstruction it will not be very comfortable over the winter.

We shall report as matters develop.

Following the Flood