Building Flood Resilience

and Property Improvement

Flood resilient communities are those who manage flood risk by flood prevention measures, flood plans and preparation procedures and have an agenda for recovery. A flood lasting a few hours can mean residents are out of their homes for up to a year and while we are fortunate along our coast to have improved flood prevention with coastal protection we all face the uncertainty of climate change.

  • Rhyl floods 2013

Kelvin Griffiths and Son have undertaken a number of flood repair projects including St Asaph following the Nov 2012 floods; Rhyl following the floods of 5 Dec 2013 and Sandy Cove following the floods of Jan 2014. The experience gained in these projects has influenced Kelvin Griffiths to undertake a flood resilience project of refurbishing a domestic property in Sandy Cove as an example of measures that can be taken from simple resilience measures to substantial building works.

In this example the single story property is, in accordance with approved building plans, being raised above ground level, there is a 2nd story added and extensions to front and back. The 2nd story provides flood refuge as well as residential amenity. Services will be raised well above solid floors, woodwork and wall surfaces are flood resistant materials so in the event of a flood there is no need to re-wiring or removing floors or plaster and the recovery process is reduced to a clean-up operation. Externally there is a flood resisting wall resting on appropriate footings with support piers and a small opening that can be closed when a warning is in force.

Additional flood resilience measures are also included in the scheme include one-way valves for drainage systems. We shall report further on progress throughout the project.