Roof Repair made difficult

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In parallel with new roofing work we are undertaking another North Wales roof repair where the lead valley has split and needs replacing. Usually in cases like this we can lift some tiles to remove and replace the lead valley but in the case the roof tiles have been sealed from inside with a spray insulating rigid foam than has bonded tiles and batten timbers together in a solid mass and this really does not solve anything.

Rigid foam set solid across tiles and timbers leading to damp inside the loft space

On the face of it where tiled roof built maybe many years ago does not have an old felt liner or water proof membrane and unless it is known to be leaking the structure is probably sound and self- ventilating with minimum water entry so the loft space keeps dry and condensation free. Insulation in this case is best applied to the loft floor between joists using Rockwool.

If the tiled roof is known to be leaking then as part of the partial or total repair and replacement a modern breathing liner would be fitted as standard but this is in addition to well laid tiles that resist rain water entry when constructed correctly.

Applying a foam seal as in this case can serve only to trap humidity within the loft cavity; this condenses onto timber and block work resulting deterioration of the building materials, threatening electrical and plumbing and having little beneficial effect on thermal insulation.

In this case many tiles were lost because they could not be lifted and replaced and much of the exposed battening had to be replaced. The owner now realises there is a deterioration taking place and needs to consider his options.

Please do contact us your local North wales builders to have a look at your property before embarking on an expensive repair that could end up a waste of money in the short term and an expensive fix for the long term. We will explain what we find and suggest your options.

Lead Valley Repair