Special North Wales Building Foundations

Deep Footings and Reinforced Concrete

The owners of a bungalow in Rhyl want to replace an old conservatory with a permanent 2 room structure and the footings are complicated by existing deep drains and chambers plus the need to raise footings to floor height. We are North Wales Builders and we recorded the process here for this North Wales building extension has been recorded and is outlined here so you can see the lengths we go to in getting the job right.

North Wales property development foundation building process

All work is undertake to approved drawing and building regulations and we meet with local authority building inspectors and planning officers on site at key stages in the construction.

After the old conservatory has been removed we need to dig out deep trench foundations (1) some trenches are for a new concrete raft foundation and some (2) are for drainage and to match existing sewage chambers. In addition to foundation trenches we remove enough surface material (3) so we can construct the new raft. The foundation area is prepared with foundation aggregate (4) and this is compacted to a firm level surface. Shuttering is placed where required and reinforced steel (5) is laid in a raised position ready for the first concrete pour (6).

Kelvin Griffiths and Son your North Wales Builders process of constructing foundations

Once the first foundation has set (7) we build wall plate brick shuttering around the foundations and across the area where new walls will be constructed. The next stage is to apply a damp proof course (8) and then to install under floor insulation (9) this dense building insulation is channelled to accommodate breathing tubes that run to ventilation blocks in the existing building. Concrete is poured, smoothed and levelled to fill the prepared area (10) and (11) and is ready for laying wall building blocks (12).

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North Wales building process