North Wales Builders Van

We do what it says on the tin

Our new vans enable us to bring builders, construction equipment and building materials to your North Wales Building project. We aim to maintain a professional appearance while working on your property development and the vans also serve as a mobile promotion for our work which includes –

North Wales Builders van showing home extensionProperty extensions: House and bungalow extensions like the image on our new van showing a 2 story extension under construction with scaffolding in place and photographed from the same angle after completion.

These two images we hope convey quickly to a passing motorist and pedestrian that we undertake substantial home improvement projects in North Wales and to contact us for an estimate.

North Wales Builders van showing vaulted ceiling projectLoft Conversions:  Our skilled joiners and tailored truss members create customised living space in your loft. We build to plan working with designers and building regulations of the local authority to build your North Wales Loft conversion to the latest insulation and building materials and space standards.  We also undertake new roofs and roof repairs to flat and pitched roof structures.

Vaulted ceilings: These spacious extensions are becoming more popular as a form of extension that gives height and light using Velux windows and insulated roof structure without a conventional ceiling. The photo shows us plastering the vaulted ceiling prior to decoration, in this case retaining an exposed beam but our range and design options are variable and customised to your specific requirement.

We also undertake flood damage repairs and all manner of internal and external building works as well as plastering and rendering do please do contact us.

NorthWalesBuild Van