Outdoor Living Area

North Wales Patio and Decking

Building an outdoor living area brings benefits to the household with easy access to decking and paved areas while also cutting down on routine garden maintenance. In this North Wales decking and patio example constructed by Kelvin Griffiths and Son the paved area rises to meet the folding doors. The paved area then joins to decking and grassed areas so the whole family can enjoy summer days outside.

North Wales Builders outdoor living area decking and patio with power

The photos build on a previous blog addressing decking construction and show the slight drainage incline built into the decking section to avoid water retention. An external power supply can also be seen where decking joins paved area.

Substantial footings have been excavated for the paved area. A retaining wall is constructed on the footings and the area is filled to height and compacted prior to setting the level paving and rendering the edges to grass. In this case steps are built in to accommodate a side path as can be seen.

Every case in a North Wales building project like this is different and bespoke so please do contact us with your initial thoughts and outline so we can apply some detail and discuss options.

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