North Wales Property Extensions

Add value and living space, reduce heating and maintenance

We at North Wales Build Ltd undertake all sizes and shapes of property extensions across North Wales. In all cases we ensure that the work for your North Wales Building extension is quoted in detail compliance with plans and building regulations. We have been local builders here for over 30 years and have a wide range of examples in the area so you can be sure we will do a good job images below provide a cross section of typical recent projects.

Where necessary we will assist in the pre-project local authority inspection visit to assess existing footings, we will expose the footings for inspection and then make good.

It is important that load bearing upper floor extensions including loft conversions are built on acceptable foundations and that new and suitable foundations are created for new build extensions.

We can assist from the pre-planning stage and through the project arranging all aspects of work including waste disposal, scaffolding and material deliveries phased to meet the extension building schedule. We also coordinate all various trades to maintain standards of building quality to schedule and budget. Where in the course of a project our client wishes to make a variation we will quote for this to ensure transparency and clarification in our work at all times.

We will coordinate on-site meetings with local authority inspectors where this is required. Building work can appear chaotic at times particularly in bad weather with wet cement, materials, various trades etc all working together but be assured we are very experienced in all aspects of extension building across North Wales and we maintain close control of all aspects and return your property to you clean and tidy.

Our quick-brick team and can build anything from a coal bunker or BBQ to a new house. Starting a new build is relatively straight forward for our experienced North Wales builders but stabilising older property like many around today that were built early in the 20th century is another matter and requires building quality control including careful site inspections and consideration for the structure during the building works.

Tip: We can ensure your older building is improved in the renovation or extension building process for example when replacing render or pebble dash we can apply steel mesh to strengthen any weak areas of older brickwork and render over this to substantially improve the integrity of the wall. At this time any additional air bricks can be fitted before external rendering or internal plastering.

Modern block work that we use is includes heavy concrete blocks, light weight breeze and insulating blocks all defined from the range of optional load bearing strengths to meet your building needs.

Footings are constructed to depth and width in accordance with regulations and where required inspected by the local authority at stages in the construction.

Damp proof is laid for new structures and insulation is easily installed in new build between cavities and before plaster-boarding. In the case of older building refurbishment we can apply insulation filling methods to reduce heat loss through the building and damp proofing to existing brick and blockwork that may only require pointing and rendering from a structural inspection.

Rendering and plastering new brick and blockwork follows approved best practice and benefits from clean new working surfaces, this then delivers small building projects ready for decoration. Older wall structures may require taking back to sound and then rendering back or applying dry liner materials so that a good as new decoration result can be achieved. As part of our North Wales Build service we can advise throughout the process, our priority is to achieve high quality building with control of cost and quality.

The proven path involves:

·         Define the work to be done, we can advise at this point

·         If the work requires planning approval we can help with architect design

·         Obtain planning approval where necessary – for Conwy see

Ask for our competitive price quote and time estimate.

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