Sandy Cove Roof


Felt, Batons and Tiles – Good as New!

Some older roofs have OK tiles and good timber supports but the roofs were built before the modern breathable membrane and tanalised batten timber were available. In some cases the tiles were nailed to support joists and “plastered” from the inside¬†to seal from wind and rain. In time this plaster sealant dries and crumbles leaving the roof rattling and open to the elements with rain and sand blowing inside, wetting and chilling the roof space and building up sand deposits between the rafters.

We are North Wales Roofing specialists with many local customers and references. Roof building requires skill and experience yet people are sometimes persuaded to use “handy-man” contractors who can make a bad situation worse.


The slide sequence shows progress across this Sandy Cove roof, we remove all old materials and undertake the project safely, quickly and professionally, we are local builders with a reputation to protect.

Re-Tiled Roof