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North Wales Building Structure

This October 2013 project in Rhyl is a two story extension linking to an existing large house structure adding accommodation around and behind the existing building.

The extension stands on substantial new foundations described previously.

Working to local authority approved plans and with the architect, in accordance with building regulations approval, all as overseen by the local authority building inspectors whom we work with closely, we proceed to install the structural components. In this case we need to introduce large steel joists to support floors and link the structures.

"Joists installed as part of Rhyl Nome Extension"

With reference to the photos (1) heavy duty jacks are installed to hold the upper elevation; these jacks are fitted into slots cut into the wall before supporting bricks are removed. Jacks safely hold the upper level brick work as an opening is made into the existing load bearing cavity walls for the steel joist. The long steel joist is fitted into the opening (2) and the cavity is re-filled with bricks, mortar and insulation reinstating the load bearing integrity of the structure.

The other end of the joist rests on a load bearing wall plate in the wall that is to become the long side of this North Wales Building Extension by Kelvin Griffiths and Son – North Wales Builders. This extension will feature a North Wales Vaulted Ceiling and further wooden support beams are introduced ready for roofing timbers.

Kelvin Griffiths and Son are North Wales Builders with over 30 years’ experience in this area. We regularly undertake complex construction and work closely with architects and local authority building inspectors. We undertake the whole job and coordinate the supply of materials, waste disposal, specialist trades and building inspections all to a fast building schedule and economic costs. The next stage is to build the roof, an aspect we are very familiar with as North wales Roofers.

Rhyl Build 2
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