Structural Building Changes

North Wales Home Extension

As North Wales Builders we at Kelvin Griffiths and Son frequently undertake structural alterations as part of a North Wales property extension. In this Rhyl home improvement there are a number of simultaneous structural alterations to be made in order to achieve the planned development. Part of this project is to remove some internal walls and then to build new ground floor and first floor walls. To achieve the design aims a number of steel joists have been brought into the approved plans.


Stages in construction of a Rhyl property extension by Kelvin Griffiths and Son

From the photos the process in this phase has been to (1) introduce temporary jacks to hold the 1st floor in place and here it can be seen that cut-out slots for the support plates on the jacks are made in the cavity wall and the retaining plates are in place ready for removal of cavity wall brickwork (2) the new steel joist is aligned to another previously installed steel joist to form a support framework and in places these are securely welded. Once the steel supporting structure is in place the original wall is demolished to open out the ground floor (3) ready for further stages in the building extension.

Kelvin Griffiths and Son have been North Wales Builders for over 30 years and we work with our customers, architects, local authority building officers to achieve the plans that have been approved. It is our job not only to undertake the core building works but also to keep the project on track and to coordinate the work of various trades and suppliers at appropriate times so please contact us for advice as soon as you are thinking about a property improvement – we may be able to help.

Rhyl Build 3
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