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In these articles we are briefly outlining some of the stages involved in a North Wales building extension where there are various more complex and structural aspects to the design. The project is a large extension to a traditional well-built house in the centre of Rhyl where more people are now deciding to improve their properties.  We have looked at foundations and stages of structural building using steel joists and now we look at some aspects of the roof which is being constructed to accommodate a vaulted ceiling in one part of this North wales building.

As experienced North Wales Builders and Roofers we construct North Wales property extensions

The photos attempt to outline a sequence in the construction of the Rhyl home extension by Kelvin Griffiths and Son, North wales Builders. The roof timbers (1) (2) (5) are substantial and these are doubled-up either side of the openings to take Velux windows. We are experienced North Wales Velux window fitters and there are 5 Velux windows in this part of the roof, two on one side and three on the other side of the pitched roof.

The photos also show the steel joists mentioned in previous posts and how these support the first floor and are in turn supported by block walling in accordance with the approved building plans. A breathing membrane is applied under the tiles (3) (5). The roof tiles are sealed where they abut the side wall and firmly attached to treated battens for long a secure fitted life.

Rhyl Build 4
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