North Wales Vaulted Ceilings

Light, Air, Space and Calm

You have a North Wales property in a place you like and it needs some modernisation; a vaulted ceiling instead of a flat roof or conventional low ceiling can transform your living experience.

In this case the higher vaulted ceiling applies to the lounge area and a partition is constructed retained the existing adjoining kitchen through a double door where the kitchen has conventional ceiling height and revealed beams. The partitioning works well because the kitchen area is also extended to a small conservatory dining area bringing light and access from several directions. A substantial revealed timber beam is applied to retain the roof timbers and clay tiles.

All aspects of the renovation are formally designed and approved by local authority planning and building regulations so the use and dimensions of support timbers, insulation, footings, and all aspects covered by building regulations are inspected at intervals by the local authority inspectors.  Remote control Velux windows have been installed in the vaulted ceiling and these help to make the room light and airy.

Kelvin Griffiths and Son are North Wales builders of many years standing and frequently work with local authority building inspectors in the work we do. Kelvin Griffiths North Wales plastering and decorating complete the vaulted ceiling area. This type of project significantly benefits from considered planning and design, a process that the owners find helpful and we can assist in the process.

Before and after our North Wales vaulted ceiling construction in this bungalow renovation

This North Wales bungalow renovation included a pitch roof replacing a flat roof and in the process the ceiling was removed to form a North Wales vaulted ceiling.

This North Wales bungalow renovation required steel beams above the garden windows since the structure previously supported only a flat roof. Electrical power and lighting were installed at first and second fit stages in the vaulted ceiling build. All the renovation is under a red clay tile roof by Kelvin Griffiths and Son, North Wales Build Ltd local Roofing specialists.