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Sealing Pitch to Flat Roofs

When it comes to adding or repairing flat and pitched North Wales roofs we have a lot of experience and many examples of the procedures to follow.

Examples of North Wales weatherproof roof joints by Kelvin Griffiths and Son From our work-in-progress photos we can see how important it is to apply lead flashing and heat sealed long-life materials under pitch roof tiles in order to avoid leaks and guide rain water to run off the pitched roof where this joins a flat roof.

It is also vital to seal the areas where flat roofing joins vertical wall elevations.

In the photo it can be seen where we have channelled into the mortar between bricks to let in our lead flashing which is repointed to fully waterproof seal the joined areas in a long life well-built roof.

We apply lead flashing in valleys between pitched roof sections to seal joints for the long term.

In the process of our North Wales Building works our experience of over 30 years as local builders enables us to accommodate unusual and special requirements for dormer windows, balconies, Velux windows, UPVC doors and windows as and when they are required or form part of a repair, extension or new build.

Please contact us to quote for your North Wales Roofing repairs, loft conversions, new roofs or weatherproofing maintenance.

Roof Joints
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