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Experienced North Wales roofers apply hot melt bonding and sealing pitch to achieve long life weatherproof flat and pitched roofs. The photos show how top quality roof felt laminate is carefully aligned, over-lapped and sealed into position using hot melt pitch to seal and bond.

The example described here applies to a wooden cabin with a sturdy ridge roof but the principals apply to the wide variety of North Wales Roofing projects.

North Wales Flat Roofs with hot melt sealing pitchThe original roof was cleaned of loose material and made sound where necessary then covered with roofing board and sealed with pitch and an initial roofing felt cover.

The top layer of laminated long-life roofing felt is initially attached at the edges and then pulled back and attached to the first layer so that rain water will drain to the pre-fitted gutters.

The second layer of laminated roofing felt with mineral top surface is cut to approximate length and moved into position before hot melt pitch is applied and the top felt rolled forward creating a uniform layer of sealing and binding roof pitch.

Experienced roofers apply water to damp the region of felt where excess pitch is pushed forward, the pitch while still hot but setting does not immediately bond to the wet surface so this can be neatly trimmed as shown in the photos.

Sides of the roof drain to pre-fitted gutters and the front and back ends are raised to direct rain water to the gutters and to present a sealed edges all-round the roof.

In this case a wood burner powder filled temperature reduced chimney protrudes through the cabin roof and this is accommodated in the process and re-sealed using the capping and seals of the chimney with the new roofing materials set inside the stainless steel roof flange.

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