Small North Wales Building Projects

The Devil’s in the Detail

Small North Wales building projects are most demanding in terms of builders skill and experience and because many small projects are off-plan they are more demanding in the correct specification of materials compared to larger building work covered by architects plans.

This example shows a small existing extension where the owner wanted a flat roof changed to a pitched roof. The pitched roof is more in keeping with the whole premises and the owners experience has shown the conservatory style polycarbonate flat roof to be good in terms of light but noisy in wind and rain or hail and also lower in thermal insulation. The pitched roof is built in “vaulted” form without an internal ceiling making the small extension airy and cosy with plenty of light from the existing double glazing.

Kelvin Griffiths and Son Ltd undertake and coordinate work across various trades and ensure appropriate materials are applied to achieve a high standard of North Wales Building to a quick time-scale.

Rigid polyisocyanurate thermal insulation boards also referred to as Pitched Roof Insulation (PIR) board is used as rafter level insulation for tiled or slated pitched warm roof spaces.

Reflective Insulation Material (RIM) is practically used for heat isolation on roofs, in heating and cooling systems at buildings and under-floor heating. It is a laminated folio with double air bubbled polyethylene on both sides to keep cool air outside and warm air inside during winter and warm air outside and cool air inside during summer.


Small Roof
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