Touching Lives

Your Donation would make a Difference

Our North Wales Builders website attracts a number of local visitors looking for ideas, solutions and examples. We work hard to make the site relevant to our community. If you found the site useful and containing the information you were looking for we ask if you could consider a donation to St Kentigern Hospice. More than 80% of their overall funding is dependent on public donations. This money is raised in small and large amounts through many different methods, like this appeal.

St Kentigern Hospice offers specialist palliative care to terminally ill patients in the 8 bedded inpatient unit, Support is provided to patients who are undergoing or who have received treatment via Day Therapy.  The aim of Day Therapy is to rehabilitate these patients through a range of therapeutic programmes and treatments to help them live well with their condition and provide a better quality of life. Support is given to the whole family, not just the patients and all services are provided free of charge to those who need them.  However, very little funding is received from statutory sources like the NHS and Welsh Assembly Government so the hospice relies heavily on the local community to help raise the necessary funds to maintain the high level of service provided.

Support from local businesses such a North Wales Build Ltd is especially appreciated as it raises the profile of the hospice and helps to make people aware of what the hospice does. Not only cancer patients are treated at the hospice but other diseases too; heart and renal failure, lung disease such as COPD and Motor Neurone disease to name just a few.

A hospice is NOT

  • A place to go to die
  • Funded by the NHS
  • Like a nursing home
  • For cancer patients only
  • A gloomy place
St Kentigern Hospice