North Wales Storm Damage

Risk Property Maintenance

In time even robust structures can deteriorate and weaken and it is important to keep an eye on your property. In this recent example the chimney stack blew down in the December 2013 gales, the result was bad enough and we can only imagine the consequences had people been in the car or under the car port.

North Wales Property Repair and Maintenance needed

A point to consider in this case is the extent to which a TV aerial adds to wind loading and vibrations through the structure which in time causes mortar bonds to break down to the point where a strong gust topples the chimney. It’s possibly for this reason that we don’t see satellite dishes on chimneys but even without an aerial attached a chimney is exposed to the most adverse conditions and needs to be maintained.

In many cases we can see crumbling and weathering of bricks, render and mortar from ground level – maybe using binoculars and for a close look at high buildings it may be necessary to physically inspect using ladders, hydraulic lift or scaffolding.

Contact Kelvin Griffiths and Son 07718 665 252 to discuss your property maintenance before you experience any damage. If you ask us to look at your chimney we can check the rainwater gutters, external rendering and plumbing while we have the ladders out. We are local and long established builders with a reputation to protect and we will not suggest any repairs unless we can clearly prove something needs to be done.

With climate change appearing to bring more unsettled weather in the future it must be better to be safe than sorry.

Storm Damage
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