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With over 30 years North Wales Building experience we understand the processes involved across a wide range of construction projects. We take your instructions and prepare a quotation. On acceptance of our quotation we undertake main elements of the building work directly and we coordinate other specialist trades and services to achieve your building quality and time-scale required while controlling costs.

If during the project you require additional elements we would submit written quotes for those elements, our priority is to avoid additional costs and should any unforeseen changes take place we would consult with you, please refer to our terms for general guidance.

Where required we can involve our architects on your site to produce plans and then to submit these to the local authority for planning approval. We have considerable experience of the North Wales Building planning regulations and processes and we can take these plans to the detail stage for local authority building regulatory approval and coordinate with the local authority throughout the building inspectors site inspection visits which are usually required for approval of new build, alterations and refurbishment projects.

It is very important to have detailed plans drawn up for your building project particularly where this is for a new extension, loft conversion, new roof or other property refurbishment that adds amenity. The planning process ensures your final building is authorised and constructed from approved materials and that the building process is regulated and inspected.

Many existing domestic and business buildings that can be converted, extended or substantially refurbished are of older building stock and while these are structurally sound they are not made from modern materials which address safety, insulation, energy, space and environment factors. Therefore even if your home improvement does not need plans for permission to refurbish it maybe advisable to have plans drawn up to take advantage of the design process to generate ideas and apply modern materials in the new structure that will add value and facility.

In some cases the design aspect of a new roof or loft conversion involves load calculations to ensure your structure meets building standards and this can involve other specialist suppliers who we work with. For example truss manufacturers can make a valuable contribution if involved early in a new roof project for example. A new roof structure is likely to be quite unique in details of space and positioning, roof pitch, load distribution etc and they will run dimensions across their loading models and specify materials, assembly details and dimensions that comply. These calculations are also valuable to local authority planning officers in assessing the suitability of a design for approval.

Contact us to get the ball rolling on your future extension or conversion, new build or refurbishment. We will discuss your requirement with you and involve design effort in a way that will ensure your building work meets the required standards of construction while delivering affordable accommodation for you home or business.

Thank you for visiting our new website which is evolving to contain much of the information you may find interesting and relevant to your future building extension, property development, building refurbishment, new roof or loft conversion or any other building project in our North Wales Building property service area.

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