Recent North Wales Building Projects

by Kelvin Griffiths – North Wales Build Ltd

We keep this website up-dated with our projects and sometimes in the light of experience we up-date previous pages where for example we find observations, materials and applications have emerged. ¬†From 2015 the new and up-dated examples of our projects described on this website are listed below, most recent at the top and with links to the pages to assist your navigation. Enter a search phrase i.e. “roof” or “flood” to focus the list.

Our most recent building projects and website updatesLink to the webpage
Another outstanding development built by Kelvin Griffiths, this is Part 1 work in progress, Part 2 looks at the final property.Sandy Cove Prom 1
Students and staff from Chester University visit Sandy Cove as part of their hazard management programme. Students interview residents and scrutinise the areas flood risk.University Visitors
Sandy Cove BuildWindows, Roof and Doors
Versions of Velux windows including flat roof installations and remote control.Velux Windows
A fire damaged roof, once re-built with skill and modern materials is as good as new.Fire damage repair
A converted integral garage is an ideal way to create additional cosy and affordable living space. Converted Garage
Wooden stair cases built to fit into available space but to standards that enable the safe use of stairs and room to manage furniture and fittings to go upstairsNew Stair case
Some older roofs have OK tiles and good timber supports but the roofs were built before the modern breathable membrane and tantalised baton timber were availableRe-tiled Roof
Large flat walls are exposed to the elements and can deteriorate in time. We are leading North Wales builders, local specialists for over 30 years and this project required a large area of external all weather renderingRe-render Rhyl
Sandy Cove re-tiled roof with breathing membraneNew roof Sandy Cove
Rhyl high wall renovation renderHigh Wall Repair and Render
Recent images and info added re: added value 1st floor extensions1st floor extension update
Kitchen Conversion making one open plan kitchen diner from two small rooms.Kitchen Diner
An example of total renovation in a Sandy Cove property combining flood resilience with a complete modern re-buildTotal Renovation
If this site is helpful please buy St Kentigern a coffee.Donate to St Kentigern Hospice
Updated page about the vaulted ceilings we build to plan North Wales Vaulted Ceilings
Photo examples of North Wales Building EXTENSIONS addedNorth Wales Property Extensions by North Wales Build Ltd
Flood resilient property in Sandy Cove rogress report with imagesProgress update
Flood Plan
Roof and loft projects - more recent images and notes addedRecent Images added
Fitting domestic flood gates on Sandy CoveFlood barrier
For many years we are known locally as Kelvin Griffiths and Son our terms list all the latest details for North Wales Build Ltd.Terms
Small Building Projects like this small pitched roof draw on Kelvin Griffiths years of experience as a respected local North Wales Builder Small Building Projects
New Pitched Roof at Sandy CoveBungalow Roof
There are many ways to prepare for flooding and in this Sandy Cove property North Wales Build Ltd are applying a range of flood prevention measures Flood Prep 2
Flood Prep 1
Urgent repairs and preventive maintenance Urgent Repairs